The Jimi Hendrix Case
Enter the world of Jimi Hendrix, police detective. In a world where everyone is Jimi Hendrix, only Jimi Hendrix can piece together clues and find out who killed Jimi Hendrix. Created for MAGS July, 2015.
The Dark Plague
You've been posing as the town's plague doctor and preying on the locals' superstitions. Now they've trapped you in your dead predecessor's house, and you must find the promised cure or a way to escape. Created for MAGS January, 2016.

In Production

Kate and Shelly Stick Together
What's worse than watching your friend date a complete creep? What if you knew what would happen ahead of time? You'll need to redo the impossible to put things right in this friendship-testing thriller.
Coming in 2018Production Updates

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